Wednesday, July 10th 2019

Warm Up:
3 Minutes of Jump Rope
3 Sets:
5 Single Arm Ring Rows/arm
10 Push Ups
10 Hip Raises
25 Reverse Crab Walk

Skill Work:
7 Minutes (Ring MU/Bar MU/C2B/Pull Ups/T2B)
7 Minutes (HSW/HSPU)

Stick to a Set & Rep scheme: 5 Sets 3-5 Reps: Rest 1 Minute
Don’t Have Muscle Ups? Super Set Pull Ups and Dips
Don’t Have Pull Ups? Super Set Banded for TOUGH Pull Ups and Dips.
Don’t Have Handstand walks? Pike on a box and protract your shoulders around the box
Don’t Have Handstand Push Ups? Work on getting upside down into negatives (Slow & Controlled Descent).

For Time:
Squat Clean 135/95
*50 DUs between rounds*

Post Workout: 5 Minutes of any combo of Roller, Lax Ball, Stretch