Wednesday, July 31st 2019

This Thursday, August 1st at 7PM is our 45 Minute SKILLS Class. Learn to pass through space efficiently.

Warm Up:
The Double Under Challenge
In 10 Minutes Complete

The Single/Double Challenge (Cough*letsgetdoubleunders*Cough)
Single-Single-Double 10x
*Does not have to be unbroken

7 Minutes (Ring MU/Bar MU/C2B/Pull Up)
7 Minutes (HSW/HSPU)

Workout of The Day
For Time
200m Run
10 Cleans 135/95
200m Run
8 Cleans 155/105
200m Run
6 Cleans 185/125
200 Run
4 Cleans 205/135
*Any Clean is accepted. Squat clean recommended.