Saturday, May 25th 2019

*E-Mail [email protected] for July 1st Updates!! Lots of Changes coming for the gym.

** Download the Free App BAND and search for “CrossFit Smithtown.” It’s the best way to communicate urgent messages to the entire gym without the use of social media.

***Sunday 8:30 Weightlifting, 10am to 11am Open Gym. No regular class on Sunday. Murph Monday 5/27 9AM Class ONLY

Warm Up
400m Run
10 Alt Spiderman Lunges

2 sets: 10 Hip Raises & 10 super mans

20 Alt Torso twists

Wrist, Elbow, and Arm circles

Partner Workout For Time

Buy In: 106 Deadlifts 135/95

7 Rounds of:

3 Rope Climbs

15 Thrusters

18 KB Swings 55/35

Buy Out: 400m Run (45/25) Plate*