Thursday, September 27th 2018

400m Run
10 Toe Touches
10 Spiderman Lunges
10 Inch Worm To Push Up
10 Cat/Cow
20 Alt Torso Twists
Wrist, Elbow, and Arm Circles.

Strength/Skills: (15-17 Minutes)
Handstand Walks & Handstand Push Ups
*Take this time to practice these skills. If you do not have these skills already, a scale will be provided.
*If you have these skills Follow:

4 Sets Of:
25 Foot HS Walk + 5 Strict Handstand Push Ups (Hold 10 Seconds in between HSPU)

*Rest as needed

Workout Of The Day
EMOM for 21 Minutes
1st Minute: 15 DB Front Squat (50/35)
2nd Minute: 10 DB Power Clean  
3rd Minute: 20 Alt DB Power Snatch