Wednesday, August 29th 2018

Warm Up:
400m Run
10 Alt Iron Cross
10 Cat/Cow
10 Push Up to Pull Throughs
10 Supermans
:20s Left Side Plank
:20s Right Side Plank

Strength/ Skill:
4 Sets
2 Wide Grip Strict Pull Ups
2 Strict Chest To Bar Pull ups
2 Strict Pull Ups
5 Kipping Pull Ups
5 Toes to bar
::Rest 2 Minutes::
*Attempt Pull-Up Bar Complex Unbroken For All Sets
Scale: 5 Slow Assisted Pull Ups + 5 K2E, Or 5 Slow Descents + 5 K2E

4 Sets of DB Bench Press
6 Reps; 4 Second Eccentric on the way down
::Rest 90 Seconds::

Workout of The Day:
For Time:
EMOM w/ Alt Movements for 16 Minutes
Odd: 8 Burpee Pull-Ups
Even: 30 Double Unders
*Triple Singles within the minute =)
*It’s not impossible. Go Fast.
*First Month CrossFitters: 30 Singles