Tuesday, July 10th 2018

1 Year Anniversary Party
This Saturday, July 14th 2018
At North Fork Brewing Co in Riverhead
$25 Person We’ll have two kegs of two different types of beer. Bring your own food. Kids are welcome, HOWEVER, we’re stationed in the brewing area and there are LOTS of shiny objects with handles. Just a heads up, Parents. RSVP by commenting or sending me a message!
That said we will only have 1 class this Saturday at 8:30am.

5-7 Minutes of Double Skill
10 Alt Spiderman Lunges
10 Toe Touches
10 Drop Squats
20 Alt Torso Twists
10 PVC Pass Throughs

::Snatch Progression::

In 15 Minutes:
Complete 5 Sets x 2 Reps of Snatch
*Build Each Working Set or Stay light and work on form

Workout of The Day:
Every Minute on The Minute for 18 Minutes (Alt Movements)
1st Min: 6 Squat Snatches (115/75)
2nd Min: 12 burpees
3rd Min: 36 double unders