Friday, July 6th 2018

Warm-Up Session:
200m Dual KB Waiters Carry
200m Farmers Carry
*Same weight as last week or heavier.
*Rest as needed.

Stretch Session:
1 minute Right Side Dragon
1 minute Right Side Fragon
1 minute Left Side Dragon
1 minute Left Side Fragon
10 Cat/Cow
1 Minute Left Side Twisted Cross
1 Minute Right Side Twisted Cross

Workout of The Day:
AMRAP for 3 Minutes
200m run
Max Rep HSPU
*Rest 2:00*
AMRAP for 3 Minutes
18/15 cal row
Max rep air squats
*rest 2:00*

Cool Down: Tabata Sit-Ups/V-Ups/Hollow Hold