Monday, July 16th 2018 (teens)

Warm-Up (5-7 Minutes)
400m Run
1 Min Wide Squat Hold
:45 Second Right Side Half Split
:45 Second Left Side Half Split
10 Cat/Cow
3-Way Banded Stretch


Back Squat (10 Minutes)
3 Sets 10 Reps
Rest 2 Minutes Between Sets
*Same as last week or increase
*Warm-Up with 45%-50% of 1RM and Start working sets

3 Sets of Max Plank Holds (10 Minutes)
Rest 1 Minute

Workout Of The Day
EMOM w/ Alternating Movements for 18 Minutes
1st Minute: 10 Right Arm DB Thruster (50/35) 
2nd Minute: 12 Burpees Over The DB
3rd Minute: 10 Left Arm DB Thruster (50/35)
*Scale Accordingly