Friday, July 13th 2018

1 Year Anniversary Party
This Saturday, July 14th 2018
At North Fork Brewing Co in Riverhead
$25 Person We’ll have two kegs of two different types of beer. Bring your own food. Kids are welcome, HOWEVER, we’re stationed in the brewing area and there are LOTS of shiny objects with handles. Just a heads up, Parents. RSVP by commenting or sending me a message!
That said we will only have 1 class this Saturday at 8:30am.

Warm-Up Session:
100m KB Cross Body Carry (Left)
100m KB Cross Body Carry (Right)
100m KB Cross Body Carry (Left)
100m KB Cross Body Carry (Right)
*Rest as needed.

Stretch Session:
1 minute Right Side Dragon
1 minute Right Side Fragon
1 minute Left Side Dragon
1 minute Left Side Fragon
10 Cat/Cow
1 Minute Left Side Twisted Cross
1 Minute Right Side Twisted Cross

Skill: Challenge #1 for the day is to KEEP your HEEL Glued to the rower.  
Challenge #2 for the day is to Run in your toes and pick up your knees. You should feel like you’re leaning forward. If you are running with you heel down first, you’re doing it wrong. Your heel will be light touching the ground by changing to this technique. 

Workout of The Day:
6 Rounds For Time
150m row (Sprint)
1 Minute of Rest Between Rounds
4 Rounds
400m Run at 85%
:90 Seconds of Rest Between Rounds