Wednesday, June 27th 2018 (teens)

400m Run
Left Side Dragon
Right Side Dragon
Left Side Half Split
Right Side Half Split
10 Inch Worm to Push Up
10 Cat/Cow
*Grab an empty barbell that you would use for deadlifts, cleans, and push jerks
10 Toe Touches with Barbell
10 TNG Hang Power Cleans
10 Push Jerks

Strength/ Skill:
Perform and Build: 6 Deadlifts, 4 Hang Power Cleans, 2 Jerks, Rest 90 Seconds 5x.
Find a Weight to use for Double DT.

Workout of The Day:
Double “DT” (24 Minute Cap)
10 rounds for time of:
12 Deadlifts, 115/75 lbs
9 Hang Power Cleans, 115/75 lbs
6 Push Jerks, 115/75 lbs