Tuesday, June 19th 2018 (teens)

400m Run
Left Side Half Split
Right Side Half Split
10 Hip Raises}
10 Supermans}2x
20 Alternating Torso Twists
3-Way Banded Stretch

Handstand Push Ups: 7-10 Minutes
*Starting with basic mechanics including a kick-up, and holding a handstand against the wall

Pistols: 7-10 Minutes
In it’s most basic form, we’ll start with using a box step down with one leg, eventually moving into a full 1-Legged Squat.

Workout of The Day:
5 Rounds For Time (30 Minute Cap)
40 Pull-Ups
60 Pistols 

Coaches Note: This workout is a lot of volume. It is way better to break up the workout into sets so you can move through it efficiently.