Wednesday, May 23rd 2018

5 Minute Warm-Up:
400m Run
:45 Right Side Dragon Pose
:45 Right Side Lizard Pose (Right Elbow to Right Foot)
:45 Left Side Dragon Pose
:45 Left Side Lizard Pose (Left Elbow to Left Foot)
Wrist, Elbow, Arm Circles

Strength/ Skill: 
Front Squat (12-14 Minutes)
4 Sets 5 Reps
*First squat 10 reps with an empty barbell and then load
*Build each working set with good form

Push Press (12 Minutes)
4 Sets 4 Reps (Tempo: 3011) aka 1 Sec pause at the top + 3 Sec Eccentric Down
*Increase each working set or stay the same

Workout of The Day:
AMRAP for 6 Minutes
7 Overhead Squats (95/65)
10 Push-Ups
*rest 2 mins*