Friday, May 18th 2018

30 Seconds of DU
5 Burpees
30 Seconds of DU
10 Toe Touches
:45 Right Side Dragon Pose
:45 Right Side Lizard Pose (Right Elbow to Right Foot)
:45 Left Side Dragon Pose
:45 Left Side Lizard Pose (Left Elbow to Left Foot)
Wrist, Elbow, Arm Circles

Clean & Jerk
Empty Barbell work to a small TnG build

3 Power Sets:
5 TnG Clean & Jerks + 100m Sprint
*Choose a light load to move through. Should not be higher than RX Weight in WOD
*TnG = Touch n’ Go ;o)

Workout of The Day:
5 Rounds For Time
400m Run
15 Clean & Jerk (115/75)