Friday, December 28th 2018

Stretch Session:
Row 500m Increasing speed every 100m
1 Minute Standing Straddle
2 Minute Half Seated Straddle R
2 Minute Pigeon R
2 Minute Half Seated Straddle L
2 Minute Pigeon L
1 Minute Childs Pose
1 Minute Twisted Cross L
1 Minute Twisted Cross R

3 Sets:
8/6 Cal Sprint
5 Hang Power Cleans (Build Each Set to workout weight)
8 Wallballs
*No more than 1 Minute Rest
*Time after each set is spent switching/changing weight(s) to workout weight

Workout of The Day
Speed Intervals: As Fast As Possible
3 Sets: 2:30 of Work/4:00 Rest
21/18 Calorie Row
10 Hang Power Cleans 135/95
Max Wallballs (20/14) in remaining time

*If you wish to score this workout. Note the time you finish the HPC and total wall balls each round. Add your times, and total wall balls.
*For the past 2 Fridays it’s been about 90% power output. Today is about 100% output in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. You are utilizing the whole time. 4 minutes of rest for full recovery before the next set.