Monday, November 5th 2018

300m Row
20 Second Russian Babymaker Hold
5 Inch Worm to Push Up
10 Cat/Cow

:30s Single Leg Forward Fold L
:30s Single Leg Forward Fold R
:20s Starside Plank L
:20s Starside Plank R

Push Jerk w/ 2 Sec. Pause Bottom & 2 Sec. Catch
5 x 2 @ 70% of 1RM
* Increase from last week

Back Squat:
6x3 @80% of 1RM
* Wear a belt and/or knee sleeves only if you need to. Even if its for the last set.
* Increase from last week (75%)

Workout of The Day
15 Minute AMRAP
7 Thrusters (95/65)
14 Burpees over Bar