Friday, November 16th 2018

Stretch Session:
30 Burpees (no push up)
2 Minute Pigeon Pose L
2 Minute Pigeon Pose R
2 Minute Straddle
1 Minute Saddle
1 Minute Pigeon Pose L
1 Minute Pigeon Pose R
1 Minute Straddle
2 Minute Child’s Pose

3 sets
10 Cal Row
10 Alt DB Snatch
20 DUs

Workout of The Day
6 Rounds (24 Minutes total)
1st min: Max calorie row
2nd min: Max Alt DB Snatch (55/35)

3rd min: Max Double Unders
4th min: Rest

Score is 3 Separate Scores of Total Cals, DB Snatches, and Double Unders

Cash Out: 60-100 GHD Situps

*If its your first time in a while on the GHD, do 30-45 GHD Sit Ups