Friday, October 26th 2018


500m Row

Stretch Session
2 Minute Child Pose
2 Minute Pigeon Pose R
2 Minute Pigeon Pose L
1 Minute Half Split R
1 Minute Half Split L
30s Downward Dog
30s Seal Pose
30s Downward Dog (2nd Time)
30s Seal Pose (2nd Time)
30s Rest

Skill: Toes to Bar Practice
Have Toes to Bar? Try putting a medicine ball between your feet.
or try strict Toes To bar

Workout of The Day
E3MOM for 9 Minutes (Start Times: 0:00,3:00,6:00)
Cal Row 12/10
12 Toes To bar
12 Burpees to Target
:::: Into….
E3MOM for 6 Minutes (Start Times: 9:00,12:00)
Cal Row 14/12
14 Toes To bar
14 Burpees to Target
:::: Into…
E4MOM for 8 Minutes (Start Times: 15:00,19:00)
Cal Row 16/14
16 Toes To bar
16 Burpees to Target