“I Don’t Wanna do all that” by Chris Heedles

If someone were to come up to you and say “drop everything come with me, sign this contract, and you can be (insert dream aspiration here)” You’d be pumped right? Your dream job walked right up to you and now you’re gonna be a games athlete, movie star, or whatever it is you wanna be. You signed the contract excited to start your new life, but you forgot one small thing..the fine print. The clause that states you gotta work harder than you’ve ever worked and you're gonna wanna quit more times than you wanna keep going. You have to choose to give up or go on. Just check the apple user agreement, it’s in there too.

The fine print is commonly overlooked. Many people want all the glory and don’t want to do all of the extra work. We want everything as fast as possible, but that’s not how it works. Artists, dancers, lifters, and many in between work day in and day out at their craft. Greatness is a culmination of many things. The late nights, early mornings, constant technical work, or re-watching tape. The ability to handle constant criticism and the never ending nagging from others telling you to just give up. Then the anxiety comes with the uncertainty of following a dream mixed with the worry that it may not work out in the end anyway.

Goals are great, but it's our ability to persevere and follow through with action that defines us. Goals are dreams with a plan, but they will not be achieved without consistent hard-work. There will be days that you do not want to do anything, and those are what will make or break us. The days where we feel invincible will not matter nearly as much as the days we face adversity.  The day we wake up and debate whether or not to hit the snooze button, brings us closer or further from our goals. The fine print in any contract should never be skimmed. In it, contains things you’ll need to do to, ensure you can continue living your best life. This outlines the framework you need, to build a life that you can say you lived, not just something you went through.