Friday, September 22nd 2017

400m Run or 500m Row
10 Worlds Greatest Stretches
10 Inchworm to Push Up
10 Hip Bridges + 10 Super Mans [2x]
10 Knee Hugs
10 Wrist, Elbow, & Arm Circles
10 Up & Downs + 10 Crossovers
::Clean & Jerk Progression::

Pre-Wod: 20 Clean & Jerks for Quality
*These Clean and Jerks are done at a light weight for warm-up purposes. You are prepping yourself for this workout solely focusing on form, and to help you decide what weight you would like to use for the workout. Start at a very light weight and build to the weight you want to use. Every rep counts towards your 20 reps.* 

Workout of the Day
Run 1 Mile (1600m)
21 Clean & Jerks (155/105)
800m run
21 Clean & Jerks
Run 1 Mile (1600m)