Sunday Funday, August 6th 2017

Olympic Lifting Class:
2 Snatch balance + 1 OHS: 5 sets, every :90 complete one set, start light work up
Snatch high pull + snatch: 4-6 sets @ 75-80%
Clean and Jerk doubles: 4-6 sets @ 75-80%
Clean pull  90% x 2, 95% x 2, 100% x 2, 105% 2 x 1
1 1/4 Front squats 5 x 2 @ 75-80%

Workout of The Day:

In teams
*Both team members must be doing work at same time

Round 1- 
150 deadlifts collectively 205/135
While one team member is doing DL, the other team member is doing a dead hang from the pull-up bar. Any time either teammate let's go of their respective bar the other partner must stop working until their partner starts working again.

Example: Partner doing dead hang lets go of bar, partner must stop deadlifting until partner jumps up and starts hang again, or partner Deadlifting breaks in between reps, partner stops hanging until partner picks up barbell.

Round 2-
150 push-ups collectively
While 1 partner is doing their push-ups, the other is holding a hollow hold. If one partner drops their hollow hold, the other must stop doing push-ups and vice versa.

*teams can break up reps however they so choose*