ANNOUNCEMENT: This Saturday we will be doing a workout in honor of the owner's of Shoreline Athletics son, Ben Callahan. Unfortunately, the Callahan's lost their son about one week ago due to an accidental drowning. Ben was only 10 years old and we can not imagine how his loss has left an empty space in their family and their community. We want to show our support to them by honoring Ben the best way we know how, through fitness. This Saturday's WOD will be the workout designed in his memory. If you are around, please make your way to the gym for either class to show your support. 

Individual warm-up
300m row
5 inchworm walk outs
30 arm circles
10 lunges
10 leg hugs

Group warm-up
high knees x 2 lengths of gym
butt kicks x 2
side shuffle x 2
back pedal x 2
5 world's greates stretch
10 lunges with rotation
30 band pull aparts
:30 hollow hold
:30 superman hold

Double unders
abmat sit-ups

3 sets:
sledge hammer tire slams x 10 reps each arm
FLR on rings (aka plank hold on rings) or regular plank x :30
Suitcase carry x 100m (50m holding weight on right side/50m holding weight on left side)
-rest 1-2 minutes-