Individual warm-up
300m run/row
10 leg swings
10 PVC good mornings
:30 couch stretch
10 groiners

Group warm-up
High knees x 2
Butt kicks x 2
Side shuffle x 2
Back pedal x 2
5 lunge to hamstring stretches
:30 couch stretch
20 monster walks

5 rounds
400m run
30 box jumps 24/20
30 wall balls 20/14
*As always recommended, scale the reps and/or the rounds as needed. This is A LOT of volume! Listen to your body! Some days you got it and some days you don't. Also for those of you planning to Rx this one, try to take your time stepping down from the box to save your knees/ankles and calves. Live to WOD another day folks!