Individual warm-up
200m row
10 PVC dislocates
10 PVC good mornings
10 lunges w/rotation
:30 couch stretch

Group warm-up
5 inchworm walk outs
10 leg swings
10 groiners
5 lunge to hamstring stretches
30 band pull aparts
20 lat pull downs
:30 plank hold

A. Strength
5 sets:
Bulgarian split squats x 6-8 reps each leg
Weighted or strict pull-ups x 3-5 reps

-rest 2 minutes between sets-
*If you are unable to peform a strict pull-up try the below skill progressions:
1. work 3-5 jump to chin over the bar, hold 3 seconds and slowly lower 3 seconds. Add in a partial pull-up if you can before lowering all the way down.
2. 3-5 band assisted pull-ups as strict as possible. Pull up, pause at the top and slowly lower back down. 
3. 5-7 challenging ring rows, slow pull-up, pause at the chest, slowly lower down 

3 rounds for time:
400m run
10 front squats 115/75 RX, 135/95 RX+
8 box jumps 24/20