Happy Birthday Sofia! Have a great day :)

Great job to all those who complete Murph yesterday! We had a great turnout! I'm sure you will all be feeling the effects for a few days. Take it easy in the gym, take time to warm up and cool down and DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!

Individual warm-up
300m run/row
10 leg swings
10 groiners
10 air squats
10 PVC dislocates
30 arm circles cw/ccw

Group warm-up
5 lunge to hamstring stretch
:30 couch stretch
5 inchworm walkouts
10 sidelying arm windmills
10 plank shoulder taps
5 downward dog to cobra transitions
20 monster walks

4 sets
Kettlebell Dead walk x 20m
Right side plank hold x :30
Glute ham raises x 10
Left side plank hold x :30
-rest 2 minutes-

8 min AMRAP
200m run (or 250m row)
10 deadlifts 135/95
20 abmat sit-ups
10 KB swings 55/35