A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO KIRA CONTE FOR FINISHING 86TH IN THE WORLD IN HER DIVISION FOR THE CROSSFIT ONLINE QUALIFIER. This season threw her a few curve balls but nonetheless showed her just how capable she really is! We are all so proud of you! Some of her biggest accomplishments this Open season were hitting a PR snatch multiple times during the snatch/pull-up workout, CRUSHING the first workout with a blazing fast time and hitting a ring muscle up under fatigue and pressure with the clock counting down!  She stayed mentally tough, motivated and hungry! Great work this year!

Individual warm-up
300m run/row
10 leg swings
10 PVC good mornings
:30 couch stretch
10 groiners

Group warm-up
5 lunge to hamstring stretch
10 standing windmills
:45 hip distraction w/band
10 legs swings
10 hip bridges both/10 hip bridges single leg
20 monster walks
:30 hollow hold

5 sets:
Pause Front squat
5 x 2 @ 75-80% with 3 second pause at bottom
-rest 2 minutes between sets-

5 rounds for time:
6 ground to overhead 135/95
7 toes to bar
8 box jumps 24/20