REMINDER: 3pm class is officially cancelled starting this Monday, April 3rd.

ANNOUNCEMENT: STARTING THIS THURSDAY, APRIL 6th AT 7pm...WE WILL BE ADDING A WEIGHT LIFTING CLASS! Class will be 1 hour long. We will start at 7pm SHARP! Get to the gym early to warm-up! Thanks! Looking forward to it :)

*Get your teams together for Do It For David! There's a sign up sheet on the whiteboard for those of you who have teams or are looking for a team!! April 23rd 9am-1pm, $250/team, teams of 4! It's a really well run event with fun workouts and for great cause!

Sunday FUNday :)
In teams of 2, splitting the work in anyway moving from one exercise to the next, complete 25 min AMRAP:
400m run
25 burpees
50 sit-ups