REMINDER: 3pm classes will be cancelled starting April 3rd. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

DO IT FOR DAVID IS APRIl 23rd! Get your teams together. It's a great day, well run and for a great cause! Teams of 4, 2 guys/2 girls, $250/team at Mount Sinai CrossFit from 9am-1pm. They are fundraising money for a little boy, named David, who was recently diagnosed with Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy. We always have a good showing! Do not disappoint :)

Individual warm-up
300m run/row
10 lunges w/rotation
10 leg swings
10 groiners
10 air squats

Group warm-up
5 lunge to hamstring stretch
5 downward dog to cobra transitions
10 PVC good mornings
:30 couch stretch
20 hip bridges (10 both legs/10 one legged)
10 one legged deadlift w/PVC

4 Sets:
Deadlift (touch and go) x 3 reps @ 75%-80% of 1RM
Single leg RDL w/DB or KB x 8 reps each leg
Glute hip bridges (weighted) x 10- use a loaded barbell or a plate on your hips to add some resistance
-rest 2 minutes-

3 rounds
400m run
10 deadlifts 185/135
20 abmat sit-ups
10 wall balls 20/14