TODAY'S THE DAY! The first workout will be released tonight at 8pm! If you are free, come down to the gym and watch along with us! If you haven't signed up..DO IT! :)

Individual warm-up
200m run/row
10 shoulder PVC dislocates
10 shoulder PVC pass throughs
10 PVC good mornings
30 arm circles cw/ccw

Group warm-up
5 inchworm walkouts
:30 box shoulder stretch
10 thoracic spine rotations
10 push-up plus
10 Tricep push downs
20m waiter's carry each arm
:30 hollow hold

Four sets of:
Seated Single-Arm Press x 8-10 reps each arm
Single Arm DB/KB row x 8-10 reps each arm
-rest 2 minutes-

Four sets: 
3 minute AMRAP
500m row
HR push-ups x max reps with remaining time
-rest 3 minutes-

**your score is total reps of push ups for the 4 sets**