Saturday, November 25th 2017

1) Holiday Party is Friday, December 8th @ Spycoast in Port Jeff. $40 Per Person. Open bar & food.
2) Family & Friend's day is every Sunday going forward. However, It's Family & Friend's day everyday until the end of the year!
3) Pre-Orders for clothing will be posted soon

15 Air Squats
10 Push Ups
Row 200m

Workout of The day:
6 Minute Bar Hang
*everytime you let go of pull-up bar perform...
800m run/1000m row
30 push-ups

Coaches Note: This is going to test your grip strength. You can adjust your hands while you hang. If you drop you, you run. You are capped at 6 drops. Experiment with the hanging hold during the warm-up. If you are unable to hang for :30, reduce the total time of the hang. If you are unable to complete an 800-m run in less than 5 minutes, consider reducing the distance. For the push-ups, choose an option that allows you to perform your first round in less than 3 sets.