Wednesday, October 25th 2017

Barbells For Boobs is this Saturday, October 28th starting at 9AM ending at 11AMish. Wear a costume. Bring Food. There are no raffles due to short notice. Click this link to Donate!!

500m Row
10 Cat/Cow
10 Inchworm Walkouts (no Push up)
20 Alt Torso Twists
Wrist Elbow Arm Circles
30 Floor (Laying down) Presses with an Empty Barbell

Bench Press: 4-6 Reps @ 60%-65%
Rest 30 Seconds
Max Hand Stand Hold
::Rest as needed::

Workout of The Day:
Death by Pull-Ups
Every 2 Minutes perform 2 Reps
0:00- 2
2:00- 4
4:00- 6
And so on... until the rep scheme cannot be completed in the allotted minute