Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Barbells For Boobs is this Saturday, October 28th starting at 9AM ending at 11AMish. Wear a costume. Bring Food. There are no raffles due to short notice. Click this link to Donate!!
500m row
30m Bear Crawl
10 Slow Air Squats
10 Controlled Push Ups

Back Squat Cycle | Week 3 | Day 1
Every 2 Minutes on The Minute for 8 Minutes
5-6 Back Squats @ 75%
::Rest 3 Minutes::
AMRAP Front Squat in 90-Seconds @ 95/65

Workout of The Day:
EMOM for 4 Minutes
0:00-1:00- max rep push-ups
1:00-2:00- max rep DB Power Snatch 50/30
2:00-3:00- Max rep box jumps
3:00-4:00- max rep box tricep dips
*rest 1 Minute*
Repeat 3x