WE WILL HOST OUR ANNUAL BARBELLS FOR BOOBS EVENT ON SATURDAY OCTOBER 22nd STARTING AT 10:00AM to help raise money for breast cancer awareness and prevention. As always, we like to hang out together for a bit and eat! :) There will be a sign up sheet over by the whiteboard to let us know if you will be coming and what you will be bringing. See you there! I will post a fundraiser link that you can donate to if you'd like. :)

Individual warm-up
200m run/row
10 PVC dislocates
10 PVC pass throughs
20 arm circles
10 push-ups

Group warm-up
5 inchworm walk outs
:30 box shoulder stretch
10 thoracic spine rotations
10-15 lat pull downs
30 band pull aparts

Four sets:
Push Press x 2 reps @ 80-85%
Weighted/Strict pull-ups x 2-3 reps
-rest 2-3 minutes-

For time:
1000m row
20 bar facing burpees
20 shoulder to overhead 115/75
20 abmat sit-ups
20 calorie row