In house competition workouts

The competition is Sunday, August 7th. We would like everyone to be at the gym between 8/8:15 for an 8:45 start time. Our goal is be wrapping the day up by noon. There will only be 3 workouts.

WOD 1: 8min AMRAP
First 4 min female partner/Second 4 min male partner

Teams will have 8 minutes to accumulate as many points as possible. The women will use 95lb and men will use 135lb. The following movements are allowed and will be awarded the corresponding points: 1 pt- deadlift 2-pt clean and jerk or thruster 3 pt-snatch

*score is total points accumulated in 8 minutes

WOD 2:

Partner 2,000m row (split anyway, one person has to row at least 500m)
4 rounds
20 partner wall ball toss 14# to 9ft
15 burpee box jump overs 20"

*There will be TWO scores for this workout. Score one will be your 2,000m row time and score two will be your total time to complete the workout (including your row time).

WOD 3: 8 min AMRAP
600m team run
100 DU (split anyway, one person must do at least 25 DU)
With remaining time accumulate MAX reps for points of the below movements:
1 pt- pull up
2 pt- CTB
3 pt- BMU
*score is total points accumulated in remaining time

*contribution to the point score may come from either ONE or BOTH partners.