If you do not have a partner for the In house competition but would like to do it, please put your name on the list on the whiteboard and we will help you get paired up!

Individual warm-up
200m row/run
10 PVC dislocates
10 PVC pass throughs
10 leg swings
10 leg hugs

Group warm-up
5 inchworm walkouts
:40 thoracic spine barbell stretch
10 thoracic spine rotations
:30 couch stretch
10 leg swings
30 band pull-aparts
30 IR/ER with light weights

A. Strength
1-3 sets
Handstand hold x :30
L-sit DB press x 10
-Rest 1 minute-
2-Every :90 seconds, for 10:30 minutes (8 sets):
3-Position Snatch
(high hang, just above knee, and then from the floor)

12 min AMRAP
50 cal Row
40 kettlebell swings 55/35
30 box jumps 24/20
20 overhead squats 95/65
10 chest to bar Rx/ bar muscle ups Rx+