ANNOUNCEMENT: 5am class will become a "check-in" class for the summer starting Wednesday 6/29. If you attend 5am class regularly or plan to attend on occasion please e-mail Alex@crossfitsmithtown.com by 9pm the night before to check in! Thanks. Also-NO 5am CLASS THIS MONDAY 6/27. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Individual warm-up
300m run/row
10 legs swings
10 groiners
10 PVC good mornings
:30 couch stretch

Group warm-up
:40 box shoulder stretch
10 thoracic spine rotations
5 downward dog to cobra transitions
10 scap wall slides
:30 hollow hold

Every minute for 12 minutes, rotate through the stations (4 sets)
Minute 1- 5-10 unbroken toes to bar
*If you can toes to bar but cannot string them together...here's your chance to practice :)
Minute 2- 6-8 weighted box step-ups
Minute 3- 6 arch to hollow + V-up (3 each direction)

8 min AMRAP
12 wall balls 20/14
8 power cleans 95/65
12 KB swings 55/35