PLEASE SIGN UP FOR THE MEMORIAL DAY MURPH AND POTLUCK ON 5/21 OVER BY THE WHITEBOARD! Arrive at 10am. The first heat will start at 10:30.

Individual warm-up
200m run/row
10 PVC dislocates
10 PVC pass throughs
5 inchworm walkouts
30 arm circles
10 air squats

Group warm-up
:40 thoracic spine barbell stretch
10 thoracic spine rotations
:45 shoulder distraction w/band
:45 hip distraction w/band
10 leg swings
30 band pull aparts
30 IR/ER w/light weights

1-9 min EMOM, rotate through stations to complete 3 sets each:
Min 1- :40 handstand hold or plank hold
Min 2- 6 Arch to hollow V-ups
Min 3- Double Waiter's Carry x 30m (one KB in each hand overhead)
2-Every 1:30 minutes for 10 minutes (7 sets), high hang snatch + hang snatch
*Increase in weight only if sets are successful

10 toes to bar
12 power snatches 95/65
500m row
12 power snatches
10 toes to bar