Our Facility

Not all Gyms are created equal!

3500 Square Foot Facility Finished with Protective Flooring

2 separate bathrooms and area for personal items

Over 40 Pull up Stations with 10+ Squat Racks

25+ bars including 45lb, 33lb and 15lb Training bars

Over 3,000 Pounds of Bumper Plates

Dynamax Balls Ranging from 6-20lb

10 Concept 2 Rowers

Jerk Blocks and Weightlifting Platforms

Kettlebells and Dumbbells of all Sizes

Benches, Farmers Handles, Sleds

Large Tires, Sledge hammers, Climbing Ropes

Plyometric Hurdles, Agility Ladders, Gymnastics Rings

Speed Jump Ropes For Every Size

Abmats, foam rollers, Myofacial release tools, therapy bands

And So Much More!