Crossfit Smithtown On-Ramp Course:


Before joining our CrossFit Group Classes you will be required to participate in our Beginners On-Ramp Course. In this six class course, an experienced coach will guide you through the basic CrossFit movements gradually increasing the intensity to match your abilities. 

How The Program Works

Step 1: The CFS On-Ramp Course begins on the first Monday of each month (occasionally overlaps from the previous month). Example: Monday 9:30AM or 7PM, Wednesday 9:30AM or 7PM, and Friday 9:30AM or 7PM. This last for 2 weeks and then....

Step 2: After your course is over, you're entitled to 2 free weeks of CrossFit Classes for the remainder of the month! 

What to Expect?

  • This Course covers all of the basics of the CrossFit Program and is designed to introduce you to new skills and movements.
  • Each session will cover new movements found in our regular group classes, the emphasis is on proper technique, range of motion not weight or speed.
  • Each session will last approximately 45  to 1 hour in length

$250 then choose a contract of your choice below



More Options: Coming Soon in late 2017 =)