What is Crossfit

CrossFit is the Premier Strength and Conditioning Program that is universally scalable to any level of fitness. It is the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of their age, fitness level or experience.


At CrossFit Smithtown our Speciality is that we don’t specialize in any fitness domain, instead we constantly vary our workouts using functional movements performing them at a high intensity.

Constantly Varied

Each day brings a new Workout (“WOD”) with its own unique format and combination of movements specifically designed to work all three of the bodies energy systems. Routine is the enemy! This means on any given day you will, Row, Press, Lift, Box Jump, Run, Squat, Olympic Weightlift, dip the list goes on and on! Routine is the Enemy.

Functional Movements

Functional movements are movements that are based on real world situational biomechanics. Functional movements tend to be multi joint, multi muscle, multi planar movements that place demands on both the body’s core musculature and nervous system. These types of movements require larger recruitment of muscle fiber therefore making them the most efficient movements for becoming fit!

High Intensity

The Fundamental principals of high intensity are keeping workouts short and intense. By doing this you lose more fat, increase metabolism and increase heart health compared to steady cardio. A workouts effectiveness is not defined by the amount of time spent in the gym!  It’s simply a case of quality versus quantity and quality always wins.