Our Commitment

We are dedicated to changing our clients lives! With an open mind, patience and a work ethic we can help you achieve real results and a transformation in your body! We are not a huge corporation where you are just a number.  We know all of our clients personally and truly care about each of them. We want you here with us and we love nothing more than celebrating your success!

Our difference

More results in less time! This is just a case of quality vs quantity and as usual quality wins!  A workouts effectiveness is not defined by the amount of time spent in the gym but the results it yields! Working out with us you will lose more fat, increase your metabolism, build strong muscles and achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible!  

Our Community

 As clients of CrossFit Smithtown you become a member of the most supportive fitness community there is! When you walk into our facility everyone will know your name, we are a tight nit group with a common goal of improving our overall health and fitness. In our Community people don’t get judged for how much they can lift or how far they can jump! Grandmothers work out next to former college athletes, there are no egos, instead we draw inspiration from each other.